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Is Pregnancy Putting Your Sexual Life on Pause?

8 years ago | 15232 Views

It is often believed that once you become pregnant there is no way that you can have sexual intercourse until that baby is born, which results in placing a strong hold on different couples sex lives. In this article we are going to focus on how your bodies hormone levels may affect the way you think about sex, how pregnancy can develop self-esteem issues and lack of body confidence in the female member and we are also going to look at a few myths that we will debunk for you in order to help you and your spouse get through this exciting and sometimes strenuous time of your life. 

How Hormones Can Make Your Libido Plunge During Pregnancy

There have been a few cases where women's sexual desire had an increase surge during pregnancy, but in most cases due to the fluctuations between the estrogen and testosterone levels this tends to causes a decrease in a woman's desire to want engage in sexual intercourse. The female's libido tends to decrease during the first and third trimester, but it seems to increase during the second when morning sickness is now at bay and you have yet to be worn out by the extra weight within your midsection. 

Some Psychological Effects That Pregnancy May Have On Your Libido

Psychological affects do not only take place within the females brain during this life changing time period, but men also begin to think differently which may allocate their sexual desires until after the baby is born. 

How Are Women's Libidos Affected By Their Psychological Well-Being During Pregnancy?

 As your belly becomes more swollen with child your level of self-esteem may begin to decline as you start feeling like your personal appearance is no longer as attractive as it had once been. You may begin to feel fat and uncomfortable within your own skin, which may cause you to not want to be seen naked - not even in front of your spouse. Such a state may lead to emotional dissatisfaction, stress and anxiety regarding your appearance, and such conditions may result in your being fatigued with no interest in sexual intercourse. 

How Are Men's Libidos Affected By Their Psychological Well-Being During Pregnancy?

 When considering a man's perception of pregnancy, and how this may affect his sex drive it does not necessarily mean that he is no longer attracted to his counter part. When a man watches his spouse go through the changes of pregnancy he may become over whelmed with the reality of fatherhood, and he may begin to feel worried about the well-being of his unborn child if he were to partake in sexual intercourse with this spouse. If it is your man’s worries that are affecting your sex life the best way to deal with this would be to discuss with him openly about his fears, and perhaps encourage him to read pregnancy books in order for him to become educated on your physical bodily changes. 


Common Pregnancy Myths About Sexual Intercourse, And How It Could Affect Your Baby

 During pregnancy there are several myths that people worry about when it comes to having sexual intercourse during the course of pregnancy, and many of these myths have been proven to be false. A couple of these myths consist of, but are not limited to:


1.) Sex Will Harm the Baby - Sex will not hurt your unborn child because your body is designed to prevent infection, as well as anything else from coming into contact with your baby. If you notice that your baby is moving around a lot more after sex it is because of your strong heartbeat, so rest assured your baby will not be affected from a little bedroom romping.


2.) You Will Be Uncomfortable Due To Your Large Belly - There are several different positions that you can try in order to avoid the uncomfortable weight of your belly depending on how far along you are, and if you are within your third trimester you can try positions that do not rely on you putting any strain on your baby bump. 


 There is a chance that pregnancy will put a hold on your sex life, and it is important to know that this is completely normal as the body will be going through serious hormonal changes. It is also crucial to realize that if the male counterpart loses his sexual libido it is probably for different reasons, such as concerns that he may have for harming the baby. It is important to discuss your differences, and your fears regarding sexual intercourse during pregnancy so you are standing on equal ground.  Learn more about best female enhancement here.



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