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Can too much masturbation hurt women’s sex life? Why is excessive masturbation bad?

5 years ago | 147605 Views

Both men and women often enjoy masturbation, and it is a natural sexual action for many people. However, when a woman masturbates too often, she may become concerned that it can hurt her sex life. This question is actually a valid concern, as there are some down falls to too much masturbation. However, masturbation can be enjoyed in moderation without any negative side effects to it.


Why women require masturbation?


Many women enjoy sexual intercourse, however over 40% of women state that they have troubles reaching an orgasm if at all through normal sexual intercourse. This is where masturbation comes in for many women, as it is much easier for a woman to climax through masturbation over average sexual intercourse. This is due to the way a woman's anatomy is, with her most sensitive sexual organ (the clitoris) being located where a penis doesn't go. Many men also know very little about what women find enjoyable while in the bedroom, and very little about a woman's body as well. When a woman masturbates, she is able to pleasure herself fully because she knows all of the right spaces to touch and how to touch them. Masturbation can also help a woman's libido stay active and healthy, which can play a very important role within one's sex life. This is especially true if the woman is in a relationship, where frequent sex is often wanted and needed. By masturbating, it keeps a woman's sexual organs in working order, and can also help increase her arousal when it comes time for sexual intercourse. This is why many women often require masturbation, whether for pleasure or just to keep her libido up and running smoothly.


What are the advantages of masturbation?


There can be many advantages of masturbation for women. One advantage is it makes becoming aroused much easier for a woman. This is because when a woman masturbates, it can help increase her libido. Masturbation is also a great way to get a woman aroused before sexual intercourse, and can often put her in the mood. Another advantage of masturbation is that since a woman is able to climax easier, she will be able to have more pleasurable female orgasms which in turn can reduce stress. Many women experience stress rather easily, so it's important to have something that can calm her. When someone orgasms, chemicals are released into the body which cause euphoria and lower stress and blood pleasure. So essentially, masturbation could keep a woman healthy mentally, physically and sexually.


How can too much masturbation hurt women’s sex life?


Though there are many benefits to masturbation for women, there are also some things that a woman should be concerned about. Too much masturbation can make it harder for a woman to climax during sexual intercourse. This is due to subconscious training of a woman's body and mind during masturbation. Her body can become trained to only orgasm when certain areas are touched, which normally aren't stimulated by a penis. Masturbation can also give a woman unrealistic expectations of sexual pleasure, which most times, aren't met during sexual intercourse. This can then cause relationship issues and much more. Women can also become addicted to masturbation, which can cause a major disturbance within a woman's life and sex life. Too much masturbation can also hurt a woman's sexual organs, making any type of sexual activity painful until the organs have healed.


Masturbation is common with both men and women, over 80% of men have admitted to masturbating, while over 65% of women have as well. In moderation, masturbation can be a great thing, and can bring many benefits to a woman sexually, physically and even mentally. However, too frequent masturbation also has it's down falls and concerns. The average person will masturbate anywhere between 1-4 times per week, and any more than that can bare serious consequences. It is always best to monitor how much masturbation is occurring, and to cut down when needed.





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Anonymous user 5 years
woman do masterbation using what .? thats my first question. l dought very much if that can be more effective than a really sex. maybe if she can buy those atifficial pennis.
Anonymous user 5 years
its better , its 100percent aids free
Anonymous user 5 years
kurova nyoro chete
Anonymous user 5 years
its relaxing and does keep one away from a whole lot of sexually transmitted infections so for me its okay as long as its in controlled doses.
Anonymous user 5 years
masterbation will never be gud at oll
Anonymous user 5 years
That's the best, you do not argue with anyone and you do it at your own time.
Anonymous user 5 years
Admittedly I do it more than any guy I know.
Anonymous user 5 years
Im a girl and i mastubate 10 times a day
Anonymous user 5 years
I'm a female and I masterbate some times 4-5 times a week I only use a pocket rocket but I can only get off when I'm on top is this due to masterbating to offen?
Anonymous user 5 years
Mastrubation by rubbing legs is safe..?
Anonymous user 5 years
Why do women think it is men's responsibility to pleasure women? After all women don't think about pleasuring men. Secondly why the f**k women don't rub their clitoris themselves during sex? They want men to do this too, really? Women always blame men for anything and everything.
Anonymous user 5 years
Any one answer is mastrubation by rubing legs safe...?
Anonymous user 5 years
Only 1-4 times per WEEK? wth
Anonymous user 4 years
Yes u can help ur self with ur fingers and ur body works with it
Anonymous user 3 years
But for men,how many times per week
Anonymous user 3 years
i love musterbating i do it 4-5 times a week...i enjoy it coz i never had sex before.
Anonymous user 3 years
My gf was affected by musterbation. She only climax on musterbation
Anonymous user 3 years
I m renu I musterbate 3 times daily now filling weakness what should we do
Anonymous user 3 years
Musterbation krone wali girl 9670532898 pe sampark kre
Anonymous user 2 years
I'm at 5x today and its not even noon yet will I die? Lol
Anonymous user 1 year
Can you harm your sex organs if you just rub yourself not finger?
Anonymous user 10 months
Im a 23 who masterbates 3-6 times a day and I’m in a stable 3 year relationship with a guy. Sex is great but pleasing yourself is also great.
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