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Positions To Make Female Orgasm Easier During Intercourse

7 years ago | 32475 Views

Some women are fortunate enough to be able to climax easily, and in almost any sexual position. The majority of women though, sometimes find it difficult to orgasm especially when they are with a partner. Sometimes this difficulty is just a result of nerves, but for a lot of women this is an on going problem.

As a result of not being able to climax during every sexual encounter, many women spend their adult lives feeling inadequate in the bedroom. Part of the problem is that while a man's orgasm occurs in his penis, a woman's occurs mostly in the clitoris. Very few women can achieve an orgasm without their clitoris being stimulated, and not all sexual positions allow for this. Here are a few positions for women to try to make their orgasms easier during intercourse.

CAT Position:

The coital adjusted technique, or CAT position is almost the same as the common "face to face" position except that the man's head and shoulders are raised about six inches higher. In this position most of his weight will be resting on the woman's chest, instead of his elbows. This keeps his penis from entering the vagina all the way. Instead the stem of his penis rubs the sensitive clitoris giving both participants plenty of pleasure. Some couple find it difficult to use thrusting motions and instead simply rock against each other. The man's legs can also be placed on the inside or outside of the woman's legs, it is simply a matter of preference and comfort.

Free as Air Position:


In this position the man will lie down on his back while the woman sits on his penis. Instead of facing him, she will be facing the other way. Then she will slowly lie back, until she is lying prone on her back and his stomach. As he moves inside of her she can have the unique feeling of being weightlessness, and take turns rubbing her clitoris with him.

The Pinner Position:

Some women are uncomfortable with touching their clitoris, and this position makes it easy for a woman to stimulate herself without being noticed. In this position, the woman lies face down while the man lies on top of her. Since she is pinned on the bed, it is easy to slip a hand between the bed and herself. Many women have found that they climax much more easily in the Pinner position. The added relief of their partners not seeing them stimulate themselves also helps to relieve a lot of the pressure and embarrassment many women feel.

Spoons Position:

Many couples sleep spooning, and it is also a great sexual position to help women climax easier. As she lies on her side, the man curls up around her, and slowly penetrates her from behind. While many men love this position, some women find it difficult to orgasm on their sides. The bonuses to this position are that it is very easy for a woman to climax from a fingered orgasm, and that neither one has to support the weight of the other.

These positions are by no means the only ones that make orgasm easier for a woman, but they can provide a good starting point. There is no right or wrong way to have intercourse, it is completely up to each individual couple. Sex is a natural and healthy part of life, and having or wanting an orgasm is nothing to be ashamed of. At some time almost every woman will have difficult achieving an orgasm and it is important for her not to become embarrassed or insecure about it.

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